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New Human Clinical Study on ActiGin® Supplementation Supports Senescent Cell Clearance, Improved Endurance, and Faster Recovery

In a human clinical study recently published in the Journal of Ginseng Research, researchers investigated supplementation of a dietary ingredient and its effects on endurance and aging. The dietary ingredient, trademarked ActiGin®, is developed by NuLiv Science USA Inc, an Orange County California-based company.

The study explored the clearance of senescence-associated β-galactosidase in exercising human skeletal muscles. Researchers examined changes of SA-β-gal signal, apoptotic DNA content, and CD68+ macrophage in human skeletal muscle after aerobic cycling under ActiGin® supplemented conditions.

Key findings of the human study show 1.) SA-β-gal decreased by 63% below baseline (from 1.6% to 0.6%) when ActiGin® was orally supplemented 1 hour before exercise; 2.) ActiGin® supplementation enhanced exercised-induced iNOS and IL-6 mRNA levels of skeletal muscles and decreased the number of apoptotic nuclei during post-exercise recovery; 3.) ActiGin® supplementation supported shielding the increase in leukocyte infiltration after exercise; 4.) ActiGin® supplementation activates functions of phagocytic macrophage in muscles; 5.) ActiGin® improves cycling performance, assessed by 80% Vo2 max, by increasing cycling time to exhaustion by 12% and power output by 13%.

Exercise-induced muscle inflammation is a common experience among amateur and professional athletes worldwide. The new research findings further demonstrate that ActiGin® supports improving performance by clearing out aged, non-dividing cells, mitigating exercise-induced inflammation, as well as improving glycogen storage and usage by muscle tissue.

“We now have a growing body of evidence that ActiGin® supports optimized physiological output. There is an ongoing three-year longitudinal study evaluating ActiGin® on aging in muscle tissue.” shares Richard Wang, President of NuLiv Science USA Inc.

This is the second human study on ActiGin® by NuLiv Science, with a prior human study published in PLOS One. This study comes at a time when there is increasing interest in senolytics and combating the root causes of aging at the cellular level.

NuLiv Science specializes in the research and development of proprietary and clinically proven nutraceutical ingredients via traditional and scientific processes. The company develops patented ingredients targeting sports nutrition, wellness, and cosmeceuticals.

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