Acteolin™ is a dynamic, clinically-studied extract that may support healthy cognitive performance & brain functions.*

On a healthy structural level, the brain functions best with:

  • Healthy levels of β-amyloid peptide (Aβ)
  • Minimal levels of tau-protein
  • A healthy central cholinergic system

Acteolin™ works to support these key brain health components. 



The human brain contains multitudes of diverse pathways that determine how our cognitive performance is stabilized on a daily basis. As we naturally age, various brain functions fluctuate in their general performance. In light of these normal audiences, consumers want an advantage: A brain health advantage. 


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Composition: Acteolin™ is a proprietary acteoside extracted from Osmanthus fragrans flower by a proprietary water extraction process and computer-based satellite wheel double roller drying procedure. It’s validated to be an acteoside by HPLC chromatography and UV spectra analyses. 

Marker Compounds: 10%

Solubility: Partial soluble in water
Color: Yellow brown
Odor: Characteristic
Taste: Slightly bitter
Appearance: Powder
pH: 4.3-5.3 (1g in 100ml water)
Dose: 200-400mg per day depending on formula type
Shelf life: 36 months
Preservative: None
Pesticide & herbicide residues: No more than detection limits


Cognition isn’t just our ability to think, learn and remember. It’s our ability to reason, make decisions, plan ahead, concentrate and judge right from wrong. Given all of that, we can see how crucial it is to keep our cognitive function tip top for as long as possible. Cognitive decline is an accepted part of the aging process, just like all the other facets of wear and tear on the human body.

But healthy aging is one thing... what about if one is younger?

Busy professional, multi-tasking lives can sometimes be overwhelming, but also frustrating. Take of instance the individual who rarely maintains enough energy to complete all of the workdays, get to the gym, find time to see the kids and have a normal work-life balance. then this can make you feel like you’re failing, or at least not be keeping up.

The natural aging process when it comes to our brains sometimes causes a type of plaque to build up in our neuron pathways. As the human body ages, β-amyloid peptide (Aβ) in the brain may accumulate naturally. This can possibly lead to a sense of cognitive decline. Aging is the inevitable process of human life.



WORKING PROFESSIONALS | Young professionals and middle-aged individuals are seeking ways to optimize cognitive performance, given the demands of the workplace. Acteolin™ may help in promoting a better sense of focus and support healthy brain functions to thrive in society.*

ATHLETES | Athletes who participate in contact sports like football, boxing, mixed martial arts, hockey, wrestling, rugby, and soccer are often knocked around due to the nature of the sport. Supplementing with Acteolin is an ideal way to support healthy brain functions no matter the obstacles.  This opens up a market with significant opportunity for sports nutrition and nutraceutical brands to leverage.

AGING POPULATION | Consumers are seeking plant-based wellness resources to support the inevitable aging process. A segment of the aging population is concerned about how the natural aging process may affect structural brain integrity functions. Better brain health for consumers means better life experiences for the long haul.