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ShiitakePrime (Lentinus erodes)



Superior for Cells Circulatory and Immune Health

Rosa roxburghii, also known as ‘Chestnut Rose,’ ‘Burr Rose,’ and  ‘Chinquapin Rose’ is a low growing fruit tree native to some small remote regions in Southern China. It was named after William Roxburgh, an assistant surgeon with the East India Company and the first westerner to introduce this tree to the western world.

R. Roxburghii fruit is oval or spindle-shaped, orange-colored, and heavily covered with soft or hard prickles. It is rich in vitamin C, phenols and an abundance of other vitamins and flavonoids, trace elements as well as amino acids. The natural fruit contains 46 times more vitamin C than oranges and 120 times more flavonoids than many vegetables and 10-60 times more than that of other fruits.

NuLiv’s lab assays and in-vitro studies have demonstrated that R. Roxburghii fruit extract may produce potent SOD-like activity in human cells that may be capable of quenching superoxide free radicals. This unique property distinguishes R. Roxburghii from the S.O.D found in other plants which are mostly destroyed by stomach acids.



RosaEx contains an extremely high content of Vitamin C (3% or greater), Phenols (10% or greater), and Flavonoids derived naturally from the fruit itself as well as Vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E, and trace elements.

RosaEx also contains compound(s) that produces potent SOD-like activity in the human body (see section 5) that can neutralize one of the most destructive free radical superoxide. What is most unique about this compound(s) is that it is immune to the destruction of the acidic stomach fluid while the SOD in most plants is not.



A NuLiv Science proprietary Gynostemma pentaphyllum extract | 985 Gypenosides

A member of the gourd family that grows in Southern China, 16 species and 3 variations of Jiaogulan have been discovered and documented so far. It is relatively new to the list of adaptogens. According to recent studies, Jiaogulan contains nearly four times as many saponins as Panax ginseng. These saponins, known as gypenosides are similar to the ginsenosides and panaxosides found in Asian ginseng. Preliminary studies also suggest Jiaogulan may have even more powerful regulatory effects on a number of body systems than does Asian ginseng.


Folk History

Jiaogulan has traditionally been grown in the remote mountainous regions in South Central China, where the inhabitants enjoy longevity and good health.* In ancient times, Jiaogulan was consumed as the sole source of nutrients during a feminine. Later, this herb became a popular dietary botanical and tea known for its refreshing taste and its health-promoting benefits.* Jiaogulan has often being referred to as the most powerful adaptogenic Chinese herb.

Like all herbal products, the growing environment plays a very important role in the quality of the herb. NuLiv Science analyzed the gypenosides content of Jiaofulan grown in seven major production regions in China and found that Jiaofulan grown in one region contains the highest gypenosides. NuLiv Science also analyzed the content of trace elements in Jiaogulan from various regions, the results showed that Jiaogulan from this same region contains more than 23 trace elements, thirteen of them are essential to human health. (Fe, Zn, Cu, Mn, Co, Cr, Mo, Se, Ni, V, Sr, Si, B). NuLiv Science chooses to work only with Jiaogulan grown in this region.


Proprietary Extraction Process

NuLiv Science uses a proprietary “Resin Absorption” technique to extract the beneficial gypenosides in Jiaogulan from the freshest and premium crop from this particular region to produce a product of high purity and yield. During the extraction process, the Rb1 gypenoside is monitored at each step of the process to assure the quality of the finished product meets ours and customers’ specifications. NuLiv Science’s Jiaogulan is a standardized natural product.

Chemical analysis shows JiaogulanEx has:

  • Gypenosides
  • Significant amounts of trace iron, calcium, copper, and selenium
  • Amino acids
  • Vitamins B, C, E
  • Flavones


Key Benefits

Jiaogulan is a versatile adaptogen ingredient that may:

  • Activate AMPK and support healthy weight management*
  • Enhance strength and physical endurance*




An Executive Summary of NuLiv Science Bone-Building Ingredient, Osteosine

Osteosine is a proprietary all-natural plant-derived bone health nutraceutical complex developed by NuLiv Science. Osteosine has shown in NuLiv’s one in-vitro and two in-vivo studies to:

  • Increase bone mineral density by 8 ~ 10%* (1)
  • Increase bone ash weight, calcium, and phosphate content by 3 ~ 5%* (2)
  • Increase average surface area and width of trabecula* (3)
  • Increase osteoblasts by 20%* (4)


Research Summary

Osteoblasts build new bone tissue and osteoclasts remove old bone tissue by removing its mineralized matrix and breaking up the organic bone (organic dry weight is 90% collagen). In NuLiv’s in-vitro study, Osteosine has shown to increase the osteoblasts, a mononucleate cell, by 20%.* More osteoblasts build more new bone tissue to replace lost old bone tissue. These observations were validated through biomarkers such as ALP, IL-1, IL-6, OPG, RANK, that have been associated with their presence and activities (5).

In NuLiv’s two in-vivo studies, the post-ovariectomized (PO) and the Retinoic Acid Induced (RA) models, Osteosine has shown to increase serum calcium, serum tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase, serum osteocalcin, bone alkaline phosphatase, bone ash, bone calcium, bone phosphorus contents in the treatment versus the control groups.* More importantly, the structural strength of bone that is critical for bone’s ability to withstand fracture, the trabecula surface, average surface percent and weight of trabecula, were also improved (6).*

NuLiv has received over a dozen DEXA lab reports in the past years from customers who have purchased and taken Osteosine and sent in these reports as a requirement to receive free Osteosine product described in NuLiv’s incentive program. This Osteosine contains the Osteosine with small amounts of minerals and vitamin D3 and K2 added.



Even though the results are not from a controlled human clinical trial, it may be reasonable to suggest that the lifestyle, diet, supplement, and physical activities are about or approximately the same before, during, and after the Osteosine supplementation periods. That is to say, the subjects who voluntarily offered their lab reports stayed with the same diet, taken about the same amount of calcium and vitamin D3, and engaged in the same level of physical activities, which included walking and weight-bearing exercises. Please contact NuLiv Science to review reports of the human laboratory data and our in-vitro and two in-vivo studies.




Osteosine has been sold online, in health stores, and through mail catalogs worldwide since 2004.

NuLiv Science in-vitro study suggested that Osteosine may alter the bone “remodeling” process by enhancing the activity of osteoblasts and decreasing the activity of osteoclasts so more new bone tissues are built to outpace the number of old bone tissues that are removed.*

NuLiv Science two in-vivo studies further demonstrated that Osteosine increased the BMD and trabecula surface area and width in both the menopause/post-menopause and externally induced acute osteoporosis models.*

The human laboratory data, although collected from customers that are not part of a controlled human study, nevertheless represents a set of true factual data that approximate what a controlled and well design human experimental design will possibly yield.

One interesting note from these lab reports indicated some of these customers were formerly on osteoporosis drugs and discontinued taking these drugs either because of side effects or no effectiveness of these drugs.



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Osteosine Overview PDF
Effects of Astragalus membranaceus with Supplemental Calcium on Bone Mineral Density
Cuscuta chinensis extract promotes osteoblast differentiation and mineralization in human
Dried root of Rehmannia glutinosa prevents bone loss in ovariectomized rats
Du-Zhong (Eucommia ulmoides Oliv.) cortex extract prevent OVX-induced osteoperosis in rats