Why Activating AMPK Through Supplementation May Be Beneficial for Sports Nutrition Outcomes

AMPK is an enzyme naturally found in all mammalian cells, including human cells. It acts as a ‘spark plug’, igniting fat and providing fuel in the form of glucose, the body’s preferred source of energy. It is activated during times of metabolic stress, specifically stress that causes glucose or oxygen deprivation (hypoxia) such as intense […]

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By WebSiteAdmin September 10th, 2018

Balancing Diet, Exercise, and Supplements

Hands up if you’ve ever taken a dietary supplement? That could be a bog-standard vitamin C tablet, or a less well known, superfood supplement such as spirulina (a type of algae high in complete protein and vitamins). I’m willing to bet you have, most of us have. It might be because we don’t eat a […]

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By WebSiteAdmin August 17th, 2018
the importance of recovery after exercise

The Importance of Recovery After Intense Exercise

We all know the power of exercise. It keeps us fit and healthy, and even if we don’t enjoy it at the time, those post-exercise feel-good endorphins sure do pack a powerful hit. But the good work shouldn’t stop when the workout stops. Recovery after exercise is just as important, especially after a particularly intense […]

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By WebSiteAdmin July 11th, 2018

New Human Clinical Study on ActiGin® Supplementation Supports Senescent Cell Clearance, Improved Endurance, and Faster Recovery

BREA, CALIF | JULY 11, 2018 In a human clinical study recently published in the Journal of Ginseng Research, researchers investigated supplementation of a dietary ingredient and its effects on endurance and aging. The dietary ingredient, trademarked ActiGin®, is developed by NuLiv Science USA Inc, an Orange County California-based company. The study explored the clearance of […]

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By WebSiteAdmin July 11th, 2018

How is Curcumin Best Absorbed?

That’s the biggest question out there. Our body is like a sponge in many ways. What we put into it, we absorb — but only to a certain extent! Let’s go back and understand how we came to this point today of curcumin’s prowess going mainstream. Not Just a Spice Turmeric isn’t just a spice […]

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By WebSiteAdmin June 27th, 2018

The Many Uses of Reishi Mushroom

It is very possible many of you have seen, heard of, or tried a Reishi mushroom product before; but this seems to be a more recent occurrence in the western world. Today, functional mushrooms like these are becoming more sought after for their long history of medicinal use. In the case of Reishi, we have […]

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By WebSiteAdmin June 19th, 2018

Astragalus Membranaceus: Herbal Skincare to Rejuvenate and Restore

Astragalus membranaceus is no stranger to the world of herbal healing. This well-known plant has been referenced in Chinese medicinal writings over 2,000 years old, and is still commonly used today. In the world of Chinese medicine, it is said to nourish and replenish the Qi while helping the body adapt to stress by normalizing […]

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By WebSiteAdmin May 1st, 2018
Jiaogulan, Gynostemma pentaphyllum

JiaogulanEx™: The Herb of Wellness and AMPK

Chances are, you’ve heard of ginseng. You may even take it as a daily supplement. Panax ginseng is a botanical, or herbal medicine, that’s taken by thousands upon thousands of us to help improve energy levels, concentration, and memory. But have you ever heard of jiaogulan? Jiaogulan, or Gynostemma pentaphyllum, is a herb that has […]

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By WebSiteAdmin April 12th, 2018

WulinshenPrime™: The Fungal Answer to a Good Night’s Sleep?

Functional mushrooms have been sought after for centuries due to their rich contents of key nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids (1). Not only do these fungi contain beneficial macronutrients, they also may help support a vital function for healthy living: sleep. WulinshenPrime™, or Xylaria nigripes, is a type of mushroom that was […]

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By WebSiteAdmin April 5th, 2018

Visit us at Engredea 2018

Engredea 2018 is just around the corner at the Anaheim Convention Center March 9-11! Natural Products Expo West & Engredea continues to be the leading trade show in the natural, organic and healthy products industry, attracting over 80,000 industry professionals and 3,100 exhibits to the Anaheim Convention Center annually. We’ll be located at booth 3411 […]

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By WebSiteAdmin February 27th, 2018