Ingredient Supplier & Developer Since 1997

NuLiv Science USA started in 1997 as a personal favor for a TCM physician. From that humble start, NuLiv Science has grown into a developer of advanced nutritional & wellness ingredients and turn key service provider to the dietary supplement & cosmeticeutical industry. NuLiv Science is a subsidiary of NuLiv Holding Inc., a multinational holding company with operations on 3 continents.

Our ingredient line focuses on higher end extracts and hard to source/produce ingredients. We can customize any batch to your specifications (smaller/larger particle size, non-gmo growth medium, etc).

Our early stage biologics line include patented ingredients for enhanced bioavailability, skincare, sports nutrition and weight management.

NuLiv Science Mission: To translate traditional holistic medicine into effective evidence based mind and body medicine.

Client Success Stories

August 23, 2016

Thank you to the staff at NuLiv. As an acupuncturist that formulates his own therapies, I needed a supplier that can guarantee herbs free of fillers and heavy metals. You definitely get what you pay for with NuLiv.

Dr. Lin




Clients using our proprietary ingredients