Osteosine is NuLiv Science’s patented phyto-blend for healthy bone support.



Throughout our lives, our bodies continuously form new bone tissue and break down old bone tissue. This process is called “bone remodeling.” The process of bone remodeling involves three consecutive phases. In the first phase, resorption, old bone is digested by specific cells called osteoclasts. These cells absorb and remove old bone tissue.


In the next phase, reversal, a single nucleus cell appears on the bone surface to help regulate the remodeling process. The final phase, formation, involves the creation of new bone by another type of cell called osteoblasts. The goal of this process is to ensure the strength and health of the skeleton. This process happens all throughout our lives, but the pace at which each section works varies throughout the lifecycle.


When young, our bodies form more new bone tissue than dissolve old bone tissue, building up the bones. In the 20s, the body’s bone density and structural strength tend to peak. From that point on, bone density and structural strength decrease as bone resorption, or break down, outpaces bone formation. This is why in the later stages of life, bone-supporting supplements and therapies come into play.


  • Works to increase mineral content in the bone*
  • Demonstrated increase in trabecular width and surface area in the bone*
  • Supports bone density and structural strength*


Osteosine enhances the “bone formation” process while decreasing the “bone resorption” process. This means more new bone is being built while less old bone is being dissolved, leading to an overall increase in bone density. Osteosine also works to increase bone structural strength by increasing the width and weight of the trabecula, the “beams” that provide the structural support for the bone, which is critical to bone strength.


OsteoSine is a specialized food and dietary ingredient composed of highly fractionated Cnidium monnieri and Cuscuta chinensis extracts, produced by a proprietary pharmaceutical extraction technology. OsteoSine has been demonstrated in six in vitro and two in vivo studies to promote bone density and structural strength when proper diet and regular exercise are maintained. Specifically, OsteoSine has shown in these studies to

  • Increases bone growth as demonstrated by increased DNA, type I collagen, osteocalcin (OCN), osteopontin (OPN), bone morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP2) in the studied bone cells (MG-63)
  • Decreases bone degradation as demonstrated by osteoprotegerin expression upregulation
  • Increase bone mineral density by 8 ~ 10% (1)
  • Increase bone ash weight, calcium, and phosphate content by 3 ~ 5% (2)
  • Increase trabecula surface area and width (1,2)


Bone Health Supplements, Collagen Blends, Bone Density Formulas


RTDs, Powdered Drink Mixes, Protein Bars or Baked Goods, Gummies, and Gels


Vitamins and Minerals, Probiotics, Immune Support, Digestive Enzymes, etc.

CN 1080537A, CN 1080537, CN 1096204, CN 1112010, CN 1121810

Highly purified fractions extracted from Cnidium monnieri (seed) and Cuscuta chinensis (seed).


Clinical Dosage: 100mg

1. J. Hui, etc. Effect of OsteoSine on Osteoporosis in Ovariectomized Rats. Chin J Nat Med. Jan 2004, vol 2, No.1 55-58.


2. YL Mao, etc. Effect of OsteoSine on Rat Osteoporosis Induced by Retinoic Acid. Chin J Nat Med. Jan 2005, vol 3, No.1, 56-59

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