NuLiv Science specializes in the research and development of proprietary and clinically proven nutraceutical ingredients via traditional and dynamic scientific processes. Since 1997, we have been serving our customers’ sourcing and research needs with an emphasis on quality and efficacy.

By combining the history of traditional Chinese medicine and the thorough analysis of modern science, we are able to deliver unique, validated compounds targeted toward everything from absorption enhancement, cognitive performance, sports performance, weight & glucose management, and more.

Our clientele base, from large MLMs and global sports nutrition brands to natural health practitioners, are as diverse as our botanical ingredient portfolio.

Whether one is simply starting out in the industry or looking to expand into a new vertical, NuLiv Science helps brands deliver the best products to market. Our experienced research team and network of scientific advisors can help with formulations, efficacy, standardization analysis, and production of high-potency extracts.

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Josh Beaty, Content Director
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Key People

CEO Michael Wang


Key Portfolio of Branded Ingredients

AstraGin®: bioavailability, absorption, and gut health

Senactiv®increased endurance and faster muscle recovery

InnoSlim®: weight and blood glucose management

Verbasnol™: beauty from within antioxidant

Acteolin™: structural brain integrity and support

Astrion™: ​​​​​​anti-aging & hydration for skincare

Osteosine™: ​​​​​bone health

CordycepsPrime™: ​​​​​vitality, energy, and general health support

Zylaria™: ​​​​​stress, anxiety, and sleep support


Some of our clients include:

Ancient Nutrition, Cellucor, DAS Labs - Bucked Up, Dedicated Nutrition, Ghost Lifestyle, Glanbia, IdealPharma, Like A Pro, MusclePharm, MyProtein, NutraBio, Performix, Plexus Worldwide, Smarter Nutrition, Swanson, Vital Proteins, and many more.


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Press Releases

9.15.20 | EFSA grants NuLiv Science’s AstraGin® Novel Food status

9.4.20 | NuLiv Science’s Launches Sports Nutraceutical Senactiv®

5.15.20 | EFSA provides positive Novel Food opinion for botanical extract and microalga

9.18.19 | NuLiv Science Debuts Zylaria™, an Ingredient for Sleep Quality & Mental Wellness

9.5.19 | NuLiv Science Receives Independent Conclusion and Affirmation of GRAS Status for InnoSlim® Ingredient

6.24.19 | New Satellite Cell Exercise Recovery Research on NuLiv Science’s ActiGin® Published

7.11.18 | New Human Clinical Study on ActiGin® Supplementation Supports Senescent Cell Clearance, Improved Endurance, and Faster Recovery

10.18.17 | NuLiv Science Receives Positive Clinical Study Results on its 90-day Toxicity Study for AstraGin®

8.10.17 | NuLiv Science Awarded Natural Product Number (NPN) from Health Canada to Expand Nutraceutical Ingredient, AstraGin®, into the Canadian Market


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