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NuLiv Science, a global nutraceutical ingredient company, has released findings from its third human clinical trial on its flagship ingredient, AstraGin®. Published recently in the Functional Foods in Health and Disease journal, the study demonstrates significant enhancements in arginine absorption and nitric oxide production, two critical aspects for pre-workout effectiveness and cardiovascular health.

The randomized, double-blind, cross-over study involved healthy adult participants aged 20 to 80 years who received 5g of arginine powder and one capsule of AstraGin® (APS) or a placebo twice, with a wash-out period between each administration. The trial included 24 subjects for analysis after excluding six with significant individual differences.

Results showed a notable improvement in arginine absorption following AstraGin® supplementation. The area under the curve (AUC) of arginine significantly increased by 17.3% (p = 0.041), and the maximum concentration (Cmax) rose by 11.1%. Moreover, the Arg/ADMA ratio, an indicator of overall cardiovascular health, significantly improved by an impressive 167.1% (p = 0.007). The study also found that urinary nitrate and cGMP levels, critical biomarkers for cardiovascular health, increased by 20.8% and 18.9% respectively.

These results suggest that AstraGin® can amplify arginine absorption, decrease ADMA levels, and enhance nitric oxide production. These findings position AstraGin® as a game-changer for those seeking to boost their pre-workout regimen and cardiovascular health through dietary supplements.

NuLiv Science continues to lead in delivering clinically backed, innovative ingredients designed to improve human health and wellness. This latest study further validates the potential of AstraGin® to be an integral part of pre-workout and cardiovascular health supplements, further solidifying NuLiv Science’s position in the health and wellness industry.

For more information about AstraGin® and the clinical trial, please visit www.nulivscience.com


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