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BREA, CA, March 31, 2023 – A groundbreaking human clinical trial published in the Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology reveals AstraGin®’s significant impact on various factors related to gut health in participants.

In this study, participants took one capsule of AstraGin® before breakfast and dinner for three months, following a 100mg per day protocol. The results demonstrated that AstraGin® effectively improved intestinal barrier integrity, increased the population of beneficial bacteria, and mitigated the growth of harmful bacteria in the gut.

The study reported notable increases in populations of good bacteria, including a 420% increase in Faecalibacterium prausmitzii and a 180% increase in Bifidobacterium adolescentis, among others. These probiotics play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy gut environment.

Moreover, AstraGin® was shown to significantly decrease the growth of harmful bacteria, with a 98% decrease in Prevotella and a mitigating Enterobacteriaceae with a mere 14% increase compared to a 614% increase observed in the placebo group.

In addition, participants in the AstraGin® group experienced an 11% increase in neutrophil cells and a 20.5% increase in lymphocyte immune cells. AstraGin® also improved L-arginine absorption, with the area under the curve (AUC) of L-arginine in the AstraGin® group being 49.7% higher than the placebo group. Furthermore, the trial showed a positive impact on ghrelin, an appetite hormone often affected by gut health challenges.

These significant findings by NuLiv Science demonstrate the potential of AstraGin® to support overall gut health and well-being, positioning it as a promising solution for individuals with gut-related wellness challenges.

Richard Wang, CEO at NuLiv Science noted, “The professors behind AstraGin® explored multiple pathways on how AstraGin® supports bioavailability. We’ve been down a rabbit hole of sorts for the past seven years looking at different gut-related mechanisms. I know we’re still in the early stages but the data is promising in that AstraGin® supports a better intestinal environment.”

For more information about AstraGin® and the clinical trial, please visit www.nulivscience.com or contact the company’s marketing director, Josh Beaty, at josh[@]nulivusa.com.