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The third decade of the 21st Century certainly started with a bang, didn’t it? Within the first weeks of the year 2020, stories started to emerge of a virus that was proving to be deadly and it wasn’t long before the words “pandemic”, “social distancing” and “lockdown” became both normal parlance, and frighteningly real.

As the world continues to get to grips with life under the control of the coronavirus, it’s only added to the everyday stresses and strains of modern living. Work pressures, family commitments, finding downtime, and living up to the high expectations many of us find hard to escape – you name it, generally, we’re stressed about it. 

It’s for this reason, that people are looking, perhaps now more than ever, for stress relief and sleep aids. And by people, we mean your potential customers. 

According to the American Psychological Association (APA) 78% of adults polled said that the pandemic is a significant source of stress in their lives. The Sleep Foundation says that more than 35% of adults in the US get less than seven hours of sleep per night and almost half of us report feeling tired during the day at least three times a week.

So it’s clear, American adults are stressed and tired.

If you’re a product formulator or a wellness company, then creating new products to help your current customers and potential new customers feel less stressed and sleep more easily should be at the top of your to-do list. 

But what are they looking for? 

Data providers, SPINs, report a 35% year on year increase in sales of stress management, mood support, and sleep aid supplements, with sales of these products totaling almost $400 million in just six months from January to July 2020. The same previous period had seen sales of $294 million.

It’s clear to see, the public wants to tackle their high stress levels and sleepless nights. 

Adaptogens in particular are becoming more and more mainstream and sought after. Adaptogens are substances, usually herbs or mushrooms, that help the body adapt to stress and make it less vulnerable to the physical and mental consequences of stress. Public demand for adaptogens such as Reishi mushrooms and other natural sleep aids such as Zylaria  that promote the amino acid GABA and don’t cause grogginess the following day, is only going to increase. 

Can you afford to be left behind?

Your customers are looking to you, and sadly, also your rival brands, to help them out. They want to feel less stress and tiredness and they want to feel lighter in their mood to enjoy time out with their families and friends. They want to forget the stresses and strains of life, without paying for it the next day in the way that they would with alcohol and stimulants. 

Your forward-thinking supplements will allow them to get that, which will make you stand out from the brands churning out the same old multivitamins and effervescent vitamin C.

How do I get started?

At NuLiv Science, we’re at the forefront of innovative ingredients that will help you be at the forefront of your relaxation-seeking customers minds. So get in touch and let us tell you how you can achieve your slice of the mood support and sleep aid supplement pie! 

We offer some of the highest quality, research-backed ingredients that will make your formula stand out while solving those major pain points for your consumer.