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Trying to stay up to date on all the new and emerging products in the sports nutrition market is not easy. Especially when it comes to pre-workouts. Here are a few new to market – just launched this month – that you will want to get your hands on. Each featuring NuLiv Science ingredients, proving they care about research, effectiveness, and quality formulas for their consumers. 

Soul Performance Nutrition

Electrolyte Endurance Powder from Soul Performance Nutrition uses four scientifically studied, naturally derived ingredients shown to support work capacity, endurance, power output, and recovery. One of these featured ingredients is Senactiv® which hits on each one of those key points. They value open-label, clean ingredients that fuel your passion. So if you’re looking for a super clean, science-backed, electrolyte-packed, pre then this one is for you!

Unbound Supps

UNBENT is a stimulant-free pre-workout supplement that goes beyond nitric oxide pumps. They’ve amplified their carefully chosen ingredients with AstraGin® for more pumps and more performance through amped-up absorption. They formulated this one for “those who expect to leave the gym unable to move because the pump is that obscene.” Get ready for some wild intensity with this one. 

Inspired Nutra

CR3 has a new reformulation with one of our favorite combos! AstraGin® and Senactiv® team up for an absorption and muscle-powering duo! Here’s another non-stimulant pre-workout to add to your list. Formulated for strength, endurance, and optimal recovery to increase workout performance, muscle pumps, and muscle recovery. Bonus points for being vegan-friendly! 

No matter which pre you choose, you can’t go wrong with this lineup!