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There are always new and exciting products coming to market in our industry, so we are here to help get the word out! Here are three recently released products to keep your eye out for. 


PODIUM HYDRO + SALT® BCAA contains 400mg of electrolytes and critical hydration, can be used pre, intra, or post-workout, and 6,000 mg of vegan fermented BCAAs to take it to the next level. In Addition to AstraGin® to support the absorption of it all! AstraGin® is our 100% natural compound for increased absorption of vital nutrients, to get the most out of the ingredients. Podium Hydro + Salt® should be on your hydration BCAA list!

Like A Pro Supplements

Like a Pro Supplements BURN AWAY has a new advanced formula that is no joke. They formulated for fat loss, extreme focus, glucose management, thyroid management, and stress management. Talk about a fully stacked formula! You already know our favorite ingredients are InnoSlim®️ for weight management and AstraGin®️ for optimal nutrient absorption. Definitely worth checking out to meet those weight goals! 


Glaxon Wonder Collagen is more than your average collagen powder, featuring a never-before-seen collagen with the hydrolyzed I & III we all know and love, but bombarded with high-frequency plasma to improve bioavailability and increase absorption. Their list of ingredients is fully supported by essential nutrients like Biotin, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin C – but also AstraGin® to enhance the absorption of these nutrients!