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NuLiv Science, a research institute & developer of advanced nutritional and wellness ingredients received a Natural Product Number (NPN) from the Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) via the Canadian government for AstraGin®.

AstraGin®, a versatile ingredient improving the absorption of key nutrients for better health, is featured in more than 100 million servings a year to customers around the globe. The license allows NuLiv Science to penetrate the marketplace with a new ingredient that will offer Canadian brands a new natural ingredient to strengthen their formulas.

“We’re glad that Health Canada recognizes AstraGin® as a safe and effective natural ingredient. This is the culmination of years in researching this dynamic ingredient, so we’re thrilled that Health Canada also sees the efficacy and positive attributions that AstraGin® offers to the natural ingredient industry,” says Richard Wang, general manager of NuLiv Science.

With this good news, opportunity abounds.

“I’m excited about all the opportunities NuLiv Science has ahead as we’re able to truly expand across all of North America with such a versatile ingredient like AstraGin®. This ingredient is a game-changer and it’s designed for a multitude of product lines and really has no borders. We’re poised to enter the Canadian market with much to be thankful for. AstraGin® is on its way to Canada.” states Josh Beaty, marketing director at NuLiv Science.

About NuLiv Science:

NuLiv Science is a global leader in research & nutraceutical solutions. With its researched-back ingredient portfolio, the company offers a wide-range of natural ingredients offering benefits for improved bioavailability & absorption, sports nutrition, weight management, glucose balance, bone health, cognitive performance & nootropics, lung health, and more. It’s branded ingredient line includes AstraGin®, InnoSlim®, ActiGin®, Acteolin™, OsteoSine™, RosaEx™, and many other time-tested natural ingredients for wellness.

For further information, please contact:

Richard Wang
General Manager
NuLiv Science
T: (909) 594-3188