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NuLiv Science, a leading developer of nutraceutical ingredients for the dietary supplement industry, reported that its ingredient InnoSlim® has received GRAS status.

The announcement comes as NuLiv Science, the proponent of the GRAS conclusion, engaged AIBMR Life Sciences, Inc. to convene a panel of experts (“GRAS Panel”) who are qualified by training and experience to evaluate the safety of food ingredients for the purpose of evaluating whether the available scientific data, information, and methods establish that InnoSlim® is safe under its intended conditions of use in food.

“This has been a lengthy process as the road to GRAS has become considerably more difficult as well as time and resource-intensive. We are grateful to offer another ingredient to the industry that is independently reviewed and vetted”, shares Richard Wang, President of NuLiv Science.

NuLiv Science specializes in the research and development of proprietary and clinically proven nutraceutical ingredients via traditional and dynamic scientific processes. Since 1997, the company has served industry customers’ sourcing and research needs with an emphasis on quality and efficacy. AstraGin­®­­, ActiGin®, InnoSlim®, Verbasnol™, Astrion™, and Organic Cordyceps are some of the company’s premier IP ingredients available in product formulas worldwide.