Our research strategy is centered on the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) platform. TCM offers organized and time-tested wisdom for holistic and systemic health.


Our mission of discovering novel bioactive ingredients and development of nutraceuticals germinate from TCM’s extensive knowledge base. We focus on the principle of “chi” and “xue”, the energy aspects in TCM. We review TCM guidelines and therapies and identify “Chi” and “Xue” herbs and botanicals.


From there, we follow modern pharmaceutical protocols, identifying active compounds and markers. This process is facilitated by evidence-based studies, and when possible, by high-impact peer-reviewed journals.

Research & Development Facilities

NuLiv Science partners with several respected universities in Taipei on multiple research & development collaborations.

Because of the generous grants and other material support, NuLiv Science has access to some of the brightest minds in the nutrition and wellness field, as well as university-level research equipment and support staff. We don’t cut corners; NuLiv Science’s research and development spending as a percentage of sales is comparable to Big Pharma corporations - ensuring strongly validated research resulting in ultra-premium nutraceutical ingredients.

Our strategic partnerships include the University of Taipei and its sports science faculty, National Defense Medical Center’s biology and chemistry department, and Taipei Veteran’s General Hospital for human clinical trials.

NuLiv’s Taipei head office also has its own wet lab where our in-house research team, led by Dr. Thomas Yang, PhD, Southwestern Medical College in Texas. Here, our team can scale and develop unique assays to verify active markers in botanical ingredients.


Strategically located in prestigious Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, is our principal sourcing and quality control facility for the majority of our botanical ingredients.

This is also home to many Fortune 500 companies global operations, including Roche, Eli Lily, Pfizer, Intel and HP. Shanghai serves as our first point of quality control in our supply chain.


NDMC is our principal research partner. The dean of the chemistry department serves as a consultant to NuLiv Science and we often partake in joint research projects to continuously enhance and validate research.

DID YOU KNOW? Established in 1902, it was the first military school in Taiwan’s history. It also serves as the national army’s medical college and training.


Nuliv’s Wellness Clinic specializes in an integration of conventional medicine, quantum medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine in conjunction with the latest clinical and nutritional sciences and TCM systemic approaches - emphasizing on lifestyle and integrative solutions.

The clinic is the principal research center for NuLiv’s metabolic health initiative, which provides inclusive health management to enterprise employees. Notable clients include Citi Bank and ASUS.

NuLiv Wellness Clinic is a 15,000+ square foot facility located in the heart of Taipei

  • Led by physicians and therapists trained in both TCM and Western medicine
  • Multiple diagnostic rooms, equipped with the latest medical technology including quantum physiological dynamics developed by Harvard’s ReyLab
  • State of the art physic-kinetic facility for exercise and rehabilitation
  • Full spa & holistic kitchen that rounds out our focus on wellness and holistic health


Technical research capabilities

Our well established translational research platform and advanced production technology allow us to target specific areas of research interest for the marketing of patented novel evidence-based nutraceutical & cosmeceutical ingredients.

In-vitro assay systems:

  • Establish any cell assay system in 2 to 4 months
  • Currently available in cell assay systems: HaCaT and HDF call, Caco-2, 3T3-L-1, HSMMT, HepG2, HGH & SW 1353

In-vivo assay systems for efficacy and safety systems:

  • Nude mice for immune compromised
  • db/db mice for diabetes and wound healing studies
  • SD rat for ergogenic and diabetes studies absorption model (portal vein)
  • Acute and sub-acute toxicity

Human use study:

  • Topical skin care test
  • Ergogenic test
  • Immune suppressed therapy


PhytoMonitor System

  • NuLiv Science's PhytoMonitor quality control system provides strict quality control from raw materials to finished products
  • Assures accuracy of data on COA (Certificate of Analysis) issued by NuLiv Science
  • Tests at manufacturing sites and NuLiv Science labs for double quality conformity
  • NuLiv Science labs are equipped with state of the art equipment and staffed with qualified analytical professionals
  • Tests and checks active markers, heavy metals, plate counts, physical characteristics, and if applicable, preservatives, pesticides, and herbicides
  • Samples are tested at 3rd party laboratories annually