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The Genesis of a Vision: Eric Simpson, CEO

In the narrative of Simpson Labs, my journey resonates with the essence of true grit and determination. Not born into privilege or corporate inheritance, my path began in 1998, immediately post-high school. Picture a young graduate swapping his apron at a local pizza parlor for a chance at something bigger in a ‘pill factory’ in Valencia. This was not a mere job change; it was the first step in a long and transformative journey.

My beginnings were humble – mopping floors, moving up to encapsulation, and tablet compression. These formative years weren’t just about climbing the corporate ladder; they were about understanding every nuance of this industry from the ground up.

A Rising Star

Fast forward 13 years, and I find myself as the VP of Operations. But the dream was bigger, more ambitious. This led to the birth of my consulting firm in 2013, marking the inception of a partnership with Donald that would redefine our professional trajectories. We were more than business partners; we were pioneers charting unknown territories, traveling far and wide, absorbing every lesson this industry offered.

The Birth of Simpson Labs

2015 was the year Simpson Labs transitioned from a dream to reality. Imagine a small, passionate team of 10, multitasking in every sense – mixing, filling, labeling – all by hand. From these modest beginnings, we’ve grown exponentially. Fast forward to 2023, and Simpson Labs is a testament to innovation and growth, with over 250 employees, four facilities in Valencia, and a cutting-edge Innovation Center in Carlsbad.

The Philosophy of Growth and Giving Back: Donald Grace, Chief Sales Officer and Executive Vice President

What sets Simpson Labs apart is our foundation – a ‘mom and pop’ ethos infused with cutting-edge innovation. Eric wasn’t just a figurehead; he was, and remains, the heart of our operations, guiding and teaching, a true mentor in every facility.

Our mission transcends mere business metrics; it’s about transforming lives through health and wellness. The reach of our products is vast, touching billions of lives, and offering solutions across a spectrum of health needs.

A Legacy of Quality and Care: Eric Simpson, CEO

Our success is reinvested in what truly matters – our people and our processes. Staff welfare, from raises to 401ks, sick time, vacation time, and facility improvements, is at the forefront of our agenda. This open-door policy doesn’t just boost morale; it reflects in the quality of every product we create.

Simpson Labs Today

As I walk through the halls of Simpson Labs today, it’s a daily reminder of what we’ve built – a beacon of innovation, quality, and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on health and wellness worldwide. Simpson Labs stands not just as a company but as a testament to the power of vision, hard work, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.