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Here at NuLiv Science, we put a lot of effort into our innovative, science-backed proprietary ingredients. We wouldn’t put anything to market unless we’re confident that they do what we say they do. Our clients know that well, and after they’ve chosen to add NuLiv ingredients to their product formulations we like to try out the final product for ourselves!

We are a team of fitness and health enthusiasts so what is more exciting than spending the day trying out new products that utilize the ingredients we are so passionate about?

Here’s three that we’ve recently taste tested…

Ghost Energy Bubblicious is an energy drink that contains AstraGin®. AstraGin® helps to improve the absorption of the beneficial ingredients in Bubblicious including L-carnitine for energy!

Bubblicious is strawberry flavored and is said to taste like old-school bubble gum. You’ve got to check out our taste test video for the bubble-blowing contest alone!

The verdict was good – despite its name and inspiration, Bubblicious isn’t overly sweet and goes down well. As for whether or not it tastes like bubblegum, the jury is still out…

Somagen from Morphogen is a powdered sleep aid that contains Zylaria™ from us here at NuLiv Science. We carried out our taste test using cold water, but as Morphogen suggests, this is best made up in warm (not too hot, otherwise you’ll damage the natural ingredients) water and drunk as a bedtime tea.

However, it still got the thumbs up from us, as the lavender flavor really comes through, and perfectly complements the honey and lemon flavors.

In fact, we found that it tastes exactly like you’re drinking a bedtime tea or sleep product and it comes highly recommended by our sleepy taste testers who need a caffeine hit to get them through the rest of the day!

Finally in this batch of tasting is the Collagen Peptides supplement from Dal Labs. This product contains two NuLiv ingredients – AstraGin® again for absorption of the other ingredients, and InnoSlim®, our proprietary weight management ingredient.

This collagen peptide supplement is beneficial for the skin in terms of supporting collagen production and helping to prevent collagen degradation. When made into a drink using water, this product has no taste. In fact, as our taste testers found, it just tastes like water, making it a refreshing, hydrating drink.

For this reason, it can be added to juices and smoothies without altering their flavor.

Let us know what you think if you’ve ever tried these products!