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Chances are you’re here reading this article because you’ve been captivated by the HBO show ‘The Last of Us’ and the ever-present ‘zombie fungus’ referred to as cordyceps throughout the show taking over the world. The hit series is based on a real-life species of fungus, Cordyceps, that performs a kind of “mind control” on its insect hosts.

That said, as an ingredient developer of Cordyceps, there’s no ‘zombie fungus’ here. You can count on that.

In fact, Cordyceps has been used for hundreds of years around the world for general wellness and vitality. It’s also used in a number of sports nutrition formulas that focus on energy, stamina, and vitality.

In other words, Cordyceps won’t be the ‘Last of Us’, but it could be The Last of Mark… 👀 

The Last of Mark [Parody Video]

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