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Today, there’s a trending focus on the benefits of mushrooms. Namely, consumers identify energy, cognition, and immune health as key reasons behind the demand for products with functional mushrooms. 

There’s even growing popularity in product formats now as we’re seeing mushroom-based drinks and products taking to the market. Brands like Four Sigmatic, Moodbeli, Moon Juice, Rebbl, Unique Life-Boost, Dr. Axe, and others alike are among consumer favorites and can be found in a lot of retailers in ready-to-drink packaging. 

While mushrooms are gaining popularity, it’s important to note that professional recommendations are driving consumer adoption. Brands should point out the difference between mushrooms so that people understand what they’re getting. 

For instance, it would be beneficial to note that the mushrooms in the ready-to-drink formats are not ‘magic’ mushrooms with psychoactive components. Some of the population could misinterpret the role of functional mushrooms, so some product education is always helpful.

Examples of Products with Functional Mushrooms

Take a peek at a few products within the industry that use functional mushrooms. Note that they don’t always come in a capsule (even though that’s great, too). 

The Scientific Rediscovery of an Ancient Chinese Herbal Medicine: Cordyceps sinensis Part I Highlights:

  • The use of natural Cordyceps to support aging and senescence is centuries old. 
  • Evidence shows that during aging in humans and animals, a considerable accumulation of an excess of oxygen-free radicals occurs, which results in oxidative damage to cells and their intracellular organelles. 

The NuLiv Science Advantage 

With a number of mushroom suppliers within the market, why stop here? At NuLiv Science, we’ve supplied a number of brands worldwide with functional mushrooms since 1997. You can guarantee the following:

  • Sustainable supply chain – You can count on us to deliver
  • Purity & high quality
  • Consistently safe ingredient testing
  • Out of this world COA technical specifications
  • Useable in many product applications (powders, bars, RTD, capsules, and more)

As you can see, the opportunities exist and they are nearly limitless for product innovation. We encourage you to consider functional mushrooms in a formula you develop. Consumers will enjoy it!