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Have you been feeling a little less than vibrant lately? Is your skin seeming a little dull?

Have you considered adding antioxidants into your skincare routine? Antioxidants lead to more vibrancy, firmness, and calm inflammation.

Keep reading to learn all about antioxidants for skincare and why you should add them to your daily routine.

What Are Antioxidants?

To put a fairly complicated topic simply, antioxidants are free-floating molecules that neutralize free radicals inside your body.

There are some naturally occurring antioxidants in your body but the majority come from dietary and outside sources. The best sources for dietary antioxidants come from plant-based sources.

Some of the heavy hitters in the antioxidant eats are:

  • Berries
  • Green Tea
  • Coffee
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Green Leafy Vegetables
  • Fish

What are the Antioxidants I Can Get From Dietary Means?

In that list of foods, there are a few key vitamins that can make your overall health better.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that is a necessary nutrient. It supports your immune system and is found in large amounts in citrus fruits and other dietary sources.

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin and is a key element in preventing oxidation in cell membranes. The top dietary sources of vitamin E are nuts, seeds, some vegetable oils, and green leafy vegetables.

Flavonoids are another essential nutrient that has been linked to a number of other health benefits. Some great flavonoid sources are soybeans, red wine, berries, citrus, and apples.

Some other powerful dietary antioxidants are curcuminoids and oleocanthal. Found mainly in turmeric and extra virgin olive oil, respectively, these are known as anti-inflammatory agents. 

What is the Link Between Free Radicals and Antioxidants for Skincare?

Free radicals are the chemical byproduct of our bodies fighting off disease and calamity within the body. They are unpaired single atoms that cause oxidative stress on our bodies. But these atoms don’t do well all on their own.

Free radicals have the drive to be in a pair. These are molecules with one unpaired electron. Since electrons like to be in pairs, these free radicals go searching through the body for any other electrons to stabilize them, as is their nature.

But, when free radicals steal these electrons from healthy molecules they wreak havoc by causing damage to cells, proteins, and even DNA. Free radicals have been found to have a link to various health problems.

However, with the introduction of antioxidants, also single atoms, the antioxidants can pair with the free radicals to neutralize them and save the surrounding tissues from damage.

It’s been shown that by using antioxidants you can fight the production of free radicals in your body and stop their effects. They help your skin fight the free radical damage and start to recover from the oxidative stress it has been experiencing.

The Major Benefits of Antioxidants for Skincare

Outside of fighting free radicals, antioxidants from natural sources do a lot of good for your skin. Here are the 4 top benefits of adding antioxidant blends into your skincare routine.

1. Slow the Signs of Aging

Oxidative stress has a bad habit of breaking down collagen. This is what lets your skin remain elastic, full, and youthful. The continued breakdown of collagen leads to a sunken appearance, fine lines, and wrinkles.

By gathering up those free radicals causing all that oxidative stress, antioxidants give your skin a break and prevent complete collagen breakdown, slowing the look of aging.

2. Fight Sun Damage

The anti-inflammatory properties associated with antioxidants work to lessen the skin’s sensitivity to extended sun exposure. Sunburn is simply an inflammatory response of the skin.

3. Brighten Skin Tone

We have all had days where we feel more ashen and dull than others. Continued use of antioxidants has been found to brighten skin tone.

Brighter “glowy” skin is one of the top indicators of health and youth.

How Can I Best Use Antioxidants for Skincare?

There are a few different methods of incorporating antioxidants into your skincare routine.

The most common antioxidants that are seen in skincare include vitamin A, vitamin C, selenium, and carotenoids to name a few. There are also more specialized branded ingredients that are used in skincare as well.

Verbasnol™, our active ingredient, is a strong antioxidant for skin care because it can be used in many different applications.

Here are some of the different options for application.

1. Topical Creams

These are similar to your standard lotions but they have been infused with antioxidants. They’ll be the thickest option you’ll find and the least concentrated in the active ingredient.

These are some of the common treatments available with antioxidants for skin and they are usually the most affordable.

Use the desired amount and apply it to your skin. You’ll want to rub it in until fully absorbed to get the benefit of the product. 

2. Emulsions

These are the forced combination of two ingredients, like oil and water, that don’t usually get along. What you end up with is a smooth feel and a new product at the end.

Lighter than traditional topicals but thicker than a serum, emulsions are slightly higher in concentrations of the active ingredient.

Similar to the creams, you’ll apply an emulsion like a lotion directly onto your skin. Make sure it is fully absorbed for the maximum benefit.

3. Serums

Unlike creams and emulsions, serums are the oil itself that you apply in drops onto your skin. They are thinner than an emulsion and absorb much faster.

They are more concentrated so you’ll only need to use a little bit to have the same result. Use the dropper included to put on your skin and use either a cotton ball or your fingertip to massage the serum into your problem areas.

Serums are best for sensitive areas like under your eyes.

4. Gels

These have captured the ingredients in a clear substance that is sometimes easier to apply. It’s a faster substance for the skin to absorb so if you have issues with lotions this will work better for you.

5. Supplements

Unlike the other topical treatments, supplements are ingested and work from the inside out.

Generally taken every day so they are always working to create healthy skin from the inside. 

What Makes Verbasnol™ Different and Sets It Apart From Other Antioxidant Treatments?

Verbasnol™ is our proprietary antioxidant ingredient that offers a number of different benefits to its users. By utilizing a verbascoside to scavenge the free radicals from your body to give you a more youthful appearance.

Verbascocide, the primary ingredient in our Verbasnol™, has many different associated effects according to our research.

As a scavenger of biologically active free radicals, it gives the enhanced anti-aging effects we have been discussing. 

Studies have shown potential for:

How Verbascoside Works

The main causes of unclear skin, skin discoloration, and skin irritations, could be assisted with verbascoside. It’s an incredibly powerful antioxidant that thrives in acidity making it perfect to pair with other acidic ingredients, or taken as an internal supplement. 

Learn more about how it works here.

Ready to Have Clearer Skin and a Healthier Appearance?

We hope you see the importance of antioxidants for skincare routines. It’s a good idea to add it to your daily practice to keep your skin fresh and smooth.

Whether you apply it as a cream or serum or take it as a capsule, it’s a great addition to your already healthy habits.

Are you ready to try the phenomenal quality of Verbasnol™?

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