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Being fit and active is so often associated with the younger generations. But we don’t believe that working out and aiming for your best should be exclusively for the young. In fact, doctors urge older people to remain active in their golden years to maintain strength, muscle tone, and bone strength.
Maintaining good musculature and a strong skeletal system helps to prevent falls and subsequent fractures and keeping mobile helps to keep body weight at healthy levels. Staying at a healthy weight also helps to reduce the risk of further health complications.
Being part of a fit and active social group is also fantastic for mental health and feeling a sense of community.
But as we get older, finding the energy and strength to keep up with gym sessions, tennis, hiking, or playing golf can become more difficult. Senactiv® may be able to help.
Senactiv® is an advanced nutraceutical, developed with amateur and elite athletes, youthful beginners, and those in their prime in mind.
Independent scientific tests have shown that the active ingredients in Senactiv® can clear away aged, dying muscle cells and promote fresh, strong new cells to take their place.
This regeneration system of clearing away the old and replacing with the new means that new muscle cells build new muscle fibers. In turn, this promotes the chance of achieving the peak performance many assumed they would never get back.
Senactiv® combines two plant-based botanicals; Panax notoginseng for boosting energy levels and Rosa roxburghii, or sweet chestnut rose, for its potential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
Cellular senescence describes a mechanism by which cells stop dividing, but do not “die” as they should. This can impede the generation of new muscle fibers during a process known as myogenesis.
Studies have shown that Senactiv® can increase myogenesis by up to 80% and in doing so, clear away the undead, useless, senescent cells more effectively.
Going into your prime doesn’t have to mean giving up and resigning yourself to a sedentary life of slippers in front of the television.
Your activity levels don’t have to change. Challenge your biology and the expectations of society with Senactiv® to regenerate your muscles and boost your longevity. You can enjoy a competitive advantage over your peers, be they your age or younger!
Supplementing your diet with Senactiv® nutraceutical could help you continue what you love doing, well into your later life. Your prime may even be yet to come.
You’ll find Senactiv® in high-end supplements such as Bucked Up, Plexus Worldwide’s Active™, EarthNutri, and Outbreak Antidote. If you have a favorite sports supplement but it doesn’t contain Senactiv®, then reach out to the brand and ask them to consider adding it to improve both your performance and their offering.
Empower, regenerate, and break boundaries. It’s all within your reach!