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New Line of Ghost Collab Products Launched! 

Ghost partnered up again with Christian Guzman for not only one new drop, but three! Legend V4Focus Stim-Free, and Whey Lemon Butter Cake. Why are we so excited about this launch you might ask? Both Senactiv® and AstraGin® are back again in these killer formulas.


This one is probably our favorite because it includes our favorite ingredient combination: Senactiv® and AstraGin®! These two ingredients work together in a really cool way to amp up performance and truly get the most out of your workouts. This new Ghost Legend collab utilized this combination for even more pump, energy and focus than before. This time they also cut out the Beta Alanine so those that aren’t a fan of the tingles, this one is for you! Find it here


This nootropic stands out in the crowd not only for the flavor choice and packaging, but they made it totally stimulant-free! Focus Non-Stim has been compared as a ” lighter, stimulant-free version of Ghost Gamer.” One way it relates to Gamer is the addition of AstraGin® for that all-natural absorption boost! Without the stimulant factor you can get your focus dialed in at any time of day from workouts, to late night study sessions, to mid-day work brain boost. Find it here